A 30-minute online introduction to the process of DMAIC.  Participants will be given a brief history of lean/six sigma, examples of where it has been applied in healthcare, and what it takes to build a robust culture of continuous improvement in an organization Suitable For: Anyone curious as to what is lean/six sigma?  How has it been applied in healthcare? What is the process individually and for my organization? And Is this philosophy right for me? There will be a link provided for you that leads to the course after you purchase this course.

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    1 day in class session that provides participants with some of the fundamental tools for lean/six sigma.  Built around a practical exercise, students will be able to apply their learning’s on a real-world problem.  Includes tools like Value Stream Mapping, Fishbone analysis, and standard work.

    Suitable For:

    You want to know enough to be dangerous.  Yellow belts can be active members of project teams.  We recommend all members of an organization be trained to this level.
  • Over a period of 6 months and 5 full day classes, students will learn advanced lean/six sigma tools/skills to solve problems. All students will be partnered with an improvement coach as they work on an actual project in their own organization. DATES OF CLASSES:
    • For July 10-12 2019 LOCATION: Yarmouth, NS
    • For October 15 & 16 2019 LOCATION: Lower Sackville, NS
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