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At Value Collaborative, we understand your organization faces unique challenges.  As such, we partner with internal and external experts to ensure the right solutions are applied to the right problems.

To build continuous improvement cultures within your organization we offer services like:


Where should you focus, what are your goals? Partnering with your executive leadership we help create a 3-5 year strategy, customized to your needs


We have a robust set of training programs that aim to provide your frontline and leadership with the fundamental tools/skills to be more effective in their roles and propelling a continuous improvement culture. Examples include Lean/Six Sigma certification, Coaching for Performance, Continuous Improvement Champions Training, and Purposeful Executive Walkarounds (Gemba).


All organizations serious about continuous improvement will need to have resources in place who are well versed with the tools and skills needed to solve problems. As such we provide both Yellow and Green Belt Lean/Six Sigma certification programs.  These programs are designed to be interactive and actionable.  Students are put through projects and apply the tools in real time.


What systems should be in place to ensure staff are performing at their best? How might we ensure that all leaders are managing consistently? Can we develop a process to allow leaders to work with the front-line in identifying opportunities and work together in solving them?  These are some of the questions our award winning Lean Management System (The Service Excellence Transformation Program) aims to answer.


 There will always be issues that need to be dealt with. As such, we partner with organizations to facilitate or manage projects from start to finish.  Have we identified the right problem? Who are the key stakeholders? What are the most appropriate solutions to the biggest root causes?  Our team is well versed to help address all your needs.Program) aims to answer.


Partnering with a variety of organizations (i.e. IT, Security, Management Coaching, Logistics, etc.), we are able to develop the programs needed to meet your needs.