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A community of long term care institutions dedicated to the advancement of quality and
efficiency of their institutions. Through membership, all homes work together to generate
scalable and measurable improvement in their care delivery in ways important to their
residents, staff, and families. 

Started in 2015 with a partnership between SickKids Hospital and Rosecrest Communities to learn how Lean Management can be adopted in the LTC environment.  Upon a successful implementation of lean practices at Rosecrest, word began to spread across the province, and since then several institutions have come on board to practice the methodology.

Recognizing these institutions needed a place to come together to share/learn with others of their successes and challenges. The LTC Quality Collaborative was born!

The focus of the collaborative is around 3 pillars:

Provide LTC specific training within the continuous quality improvement segment

Provide members easy access through an online database to solutions implemented by other
organizations to problems in their organizations

Every year the collaborative selects 1-2 system level issues that requires multiple stakeholders from
across the industry to come together and solve. Initiatives such as Resident Responsive Behaviours, and
Resident Home Placement are 2 such examples of this.