Our experience stems from years of working with small, medium, and large enterprises.

Some notable projects include:

Organizational Staffing Assessment

Through the use of mathematical modeling, and stakeholder interviews/facilitation. A hospitals staffing arrangement was reviewed to minimize duplication and overproduction of services.

Performance Management Tool/Strategic Planning

Partnering with a not-for profit board of directors in developing its first balanced scorecard at the board and operations level, in addition to a 3 year strategic plan.

Redesign Outpatient Flow

An acute care outpatient services (25 departments) processes were out of date and no longer met the needs of the customer (patient). By engaging with all stakeholders a plan was developed to standardize processes and improve clinic experiences along customer touch points.

Staff Lean Management Program

Using Lean/Six-Sigma methodology a daily lean management system was developed for a large academic hospital. The program has been deployed across the hospital with regular communication to senior leaders and front-line staff. The program has since been designated “Leading Practice” by Accreditation Canada and was highlighted in the Harvard Business Review.

Decreasing Pediatric Patient Anxiety Research Project

Anxiety during hospital visits can lead to delays in hospital procedures, clinical risks, and frustration for families and patients. Using ethnographic research, and design thinking principles, software was created to recreate the hospital environment in a child friendly cartoon format. The application was piloted at a Hamilton area Hospital and tested at clinical trials.